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        Company Name: Jiangxi Naujame Industrial Co.,Ltd
        Address: Chating Industrial Park,Shangrao County,Shangrao,Jiangxi,China
        Contact: Genie Yao
        E-mail: Genie.Yao@liangjian-food.com
        Tel: 86-020-89810963


        8 Foods That Could Actually Make You Feel Hungrier

        Did you know that there are foods (probably many of which you eat on a regular basis) that can actually make you feel hungrier and experience more cravings? They affect your brain and production of certain hunger hormones so that you constantly want more, more, more — they literally drive your hunger. These are very common foods.
        This Hunger Mistake May Be Holding You Back From Weight Loss
        Beware of these potential hunger-inducing food traps:
        *Regular and diet sodas
        *Concentrated sweeteners, including artificial sugars and sugar alcohols (closely check labels for such words as aspartame, sucralose, polydextrose, xylitol, lactitol, mannitol, maltitol syrup, and neotame)
        *White bread, pasta, and other starches made with white flour
        *Sugary cereals
        *Processed meats (like hot dogs, bacon, and cold cuts)
        *Fast food
        *French fries and fried chips
        You might not have realized that these foods can make you feel hungrier and cause you to eat more, but now that you know, you can make a concerted effort to avoid them so they can’t derail you.
        Top Reasons Most Diets Don't Work
        If these are your current everyday staples, it's time to learn about the "20/20 Foods" that will help you replace your old, unhealthy, food traps with healthy, helpful alternatives. These 20/20 Foods are healthy, smart choices for your new way of life to help you reach your weight loss goals.

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