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        CONTACT US

        Company Name: Jiangxi Naujame Industrial Co.,Ltd
        Address: Chating Industrial Park,Shangrao County,Shangrao,Jiangxi,China
        Contact: Genie Yao
        E-mail: Genie.Yao@liangjian-food.com
        Tel: 86-020-89810963


        Blended Sweetener

        Blended Sweeteners-Introduce
        We provid service for food enterprises from all over the world. Our product comply with quality control standards in China,US,Europe and Asian countries.Our company could provid professional sweetness solution and customized services in line with customers’ requirement. Different countries and regions, different products and production requirements, we are committed to the favorite new feeling that consumer love.
        Keep our pace with the international sweetness frontier. We are equipped with authoritative experts, technicians, quality monitors,marketing staff and managers, which can help you apply your creation in your products. Our sweetness solution will regulate your recipe, satisfy customers’ needs, enable your strength in sweetener market.
        We possess professional technical team and advanced equipment. We can provide the best sweetness solution and considerate application support during any time of your product development, which help reduce your producing cost and boost your success.
        No matter where you are, we dedicate to increasing your value and our mutual benefit, and always keep optimizing our service for your requirement.
        Our goal is to be your preferred partner, and create more delightful food with our products!

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